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I don't often share these stories because I find them to be so personal. But I received this note last week and it struck a chord. My friends would say it's because I found someone who hates math and loves Earn My Keep just as much as I do. It's probably true.


I'm sure you've heard these stories again and again but here is one more:

I introduced the concept to Tori this week, trickling it over a couple of days, worried what her response might be, since I am considering this educational time. I explained the process, she picked a career, and I even added in a bank account for when she has enough money.

You know what she said? "I must be dreaming!" She starts pinching her legs, ha. "I can't believe this, so it must be a dream. I get to do all of this and get a bank account?" At this point I warn her checkbooks required math (which she despises to the point of tears at times) and she said "I don't care!" She went on pinching herself.

Then she quickly started formulating ideas left and right. I am planning on combining this with a notebooking project to bring in artistic skills and encourage handwriting independence (a challenge as her brain can pop out a full chapter, but her hands are barely 7 yo, frustrating for her). She sees this as so much fun and NOT school time. So wonderful to see the enthusiasm in our daughter to seek out knowledge, play, and create in a way that suits her learning styles! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa and Tori, of course :)

First, a note: in the minute chance you haven’t committed to memory the first few installments of THE BIGGEST RAISE FOR A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD EVER: AN EARN MY KEEP E-NEWSLETTER SERIES, you may want to check these out: Part I: The Intro | Part II: The Percentages | Part III: The Needs

And now that we’re all caught up, you know I had found myself in a mathematical quandary:

Yahoo Finance

[What a wonderful surprise! Earn My Keep made Yahoo! Finance's "Top 50 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2012" list. Click the Yahoo! Finance logo above for the full story.]

I’ve yet to do any holiday shopping. As happens every year, I end up completely overwhelmed with trying to balance my kids’ wants with budget realities and I find it much easier to just ignore it all ‘til the last possible second.

I can see the headline now: Seven-Year-Old Expected to Pay for Her Own Needs. She Survives Experience!

Before you send the paparazzi swarming to my house, let’s note that I’m not requiring Mia to
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