The word on the Street. And Playground

(From kids, parents, experts and the press nationwide!)

"...novel way to give allowance..."
—Wall Street Journal

"An exciting concept backed by research..."
—Library Journal (starred review)

"...a treasure trove of innovative and imaginative activities..."
—Publishers Weekly

"I’m LOVING it! A great guide to...hands-on fun!"
—Live the Adventure

"...enjoyable, concise, do-able, and bound to help your child learn about money, careers and effort.”
Foster W. Cline, M.D., co-founder of The Love and Logic Institute and co-author of the Parenting with Love and Logic series

"Great concept, great lessons and every family can implement these ideas."
—Lori Mackey, Founder of

“The financial advice in this book is absolutely spot on.”
—Manisha Thakor, Founder, Women's Financial Literacy Initiative

“Earn My Keep is not only effective, it’s creative, fun, and easy too!”

"I couldn't believe how my child took to this. It boosts his self-confidence and gets the whole family involved."

" couples responsibility and accountability with discovery and experiences, just like a real career."

“I love how every job is unique, and I never do the same thing twice.”
Mia, 6

“...the book is cool. It will help me figure out what I might want to be when I grow up.”
Griffin, 9

"It's a good way to earn money because it's not boring."
Shane, 9

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