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[SHEEPISH GRIN] Oh, hi Mom. Have I been a tiny bit bad about returning your calls? I promise: I’ve come out of the dark. And I’m ecstatic. Admittedly, it was painful to accept that there’s only 24 hours in a day—not nearly enough time to successfully manage the amazing things happening for Earn My Keep and meet a May/June release date for Earn My Keep SCHOOL and Earn My Keep HOMESCHOOL. You should’a seen me and Designer Cheryl…more than half-way through development…units flying back and forth between us and my Education + Child Development Review Team…Financial Experts...Curriculum Development Specialists...and I realized I was skipping critical steps for the sake of getting it out there. It would be as if I had let Earn It, Learn It go to print without proofing every word nine times (isn't that normal?!). I just couldn’t let that happen. So while I cried (of course I cried), I found peace with the decision via my ever-talented Business Manager Radhika and Business Consultant Vira. We’ve turned our attention on building the resources necessary to get the curricula off the ground in the fully fabulous way that they deserve. And of course, I’m still happy-dancing, knowing the completed parts of Earn My Keep SCHOOL will be enjoyed by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) elementary school students next year (YAY!). It really is an exciting time…now that I’ve accepted that time’s not out to get me. And even better: I’ll be calling home way more often.

Oooh, that's easy. "No" and "no". Earn It, Learn It, which I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you know is a book describing the Earn My Keep program, is a full system in itself: Part I guides parents through the process. Part II (my favorite part) is packed with the 50 careers and juicy tasks. And Part III provides examples and work sheets, all of which can also be downloaded here. Now the My Review Journal: Kid Edition is a workbook and/or PDF designed to build on the Earn It, Learn It experience. Lots of fun kid-ified adult exercises, including goal setting, self assessment, even salary negotiation. And, of course, plenty of pages to keep track of all those professions your child tries on. But everything at Earn My Keep can be customized for your family. So the book works solo and with the Journal. The Journal is filled with tips on how to use it without the book. Earn My Keep Kits, too, work with the program or as, say, themed birthday party favors. And everything can be done with, or without, the financial education piece. Because when it comes to personalization and flexibility, I say "yes" and "yes".


Oh there are so many reasons why we may be stuck in jobs that are less-than-fulfiling. Less-than-inspiring. Less-than...well...they may just suck. And it can feel hypocritical to complain about a boss or a deadline or a salary cut and then tell your kid that "he can do whatever he wants to do one day and love every minute of it!" But it's far from

OK, we can't really fight the magic of Santa. It is pretty cool. You sit on the Big Guy's lap, tell him what you want and TA-DA! There it is come Christmas morning: everything your heart desires. The problem this creates for parents is that Santa's system fuels the "gimmies" like a lit fireplace (not to mention how it discounts the

If you're wondering which careers required the longest back-and-forth, it'd have to be the first eight. Because they were the first ones I tackled, Acquisitions Editor Shana and I went through 4? 5? 30? iterations before settling on the final format of tasks, Expert interview, bio, Did You Know? and fun facts. Incredibly (and boy am I thankful), Buyer Liz, Chef Jeff, Copywriter Dave, Curator Meredith, Disc Jockey Marc,
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