It's real playing not role playing

Let's put four-to-twelve-year-olds in some real-people shoes. As Paleontologists. Chefs. Astronomers. And Investigators! Because when our little ones become "real" professionals, they're exposed to benefits far beyond traditional money programs: promotion of a lifelong love of learning, seamless incorporation of subjects like science and art, even quality family time (to name just a few).

The end result is a better, more concrete understanding of how the real world works—an effective tool in battling a sense of entitlement and the oh-so-popular "But I waaaaant it!"

What makes Earn My Keep different? It starts at the beginning of the financial process. This is the first and only program that allows children to experience how adults earn money and what we do with it. Making this critical connection brings an abstract concept to life. And when children connect with the effort needed to make money, they're more motivated to make wiser financial choices with those hard-earned dollars (and cents!).

Here's how it works: you and your child select one of 50 amazing careers, then a kid-friendly task from the career's profile. Your kid completes the task within an agreed-upon amount of time and ta-da! Money is earned. It's simple, cheap, quick, authentic—and fun! (P.S. With more than 950 expert-approved tasks, Earn It, Learn It is a great family resource, even without the money exploration.)

Earn My Keep has been nationally tested. It's been put through the wringer by highly qualified educational and child developmental experts. And it's been built with the help of honest-to-goodness professionals who love their jobs (almost) every day.

So let's empower our kids. Nurture passion in our kids. Bolster their ability to learn and their appreciation for work ethic. And teach them that earning a living doing something they love is hands-down the best way to earn a living.

No ifs, ands or "But I waaaaaant it!"s about it.

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